Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heavenly Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of thing that one wants to do before one dies. I have looked at many lists and they involve doing wild things and eating exotic foods. I am not the fun one, so I usually don't do wild and I don't want to eat crazy things. Besides, I have had all the adventures I want to have on this planet. I have done loop-de-loops in a glider, I have gone hot air ballooning, and I have even gone white water rafting. I don't have an earthly bucket list but I do have a heavenly bucket list.

Poor Janet, whenever I spend some some time being sick, I am always reminding her of things to do, if I die or I am always saying, "When I get to heaven . . . . . " I have a heavenly bucket list! I have some things that I will only be able to do in heaven because my handicap prevents me from doing them here on earth:

1. Rickshaw Driver - I used to drive. I loved driving because it was the one thing that I could do on my own. After my car accident, I quit driving, and ,oh, how I miss it. Now I have to be driven places by people. No more getting up and going because I can. For all my "chauffeurs", I will be one of the "five people you meet in Heaven". I don't think there is a need for cars in Heaven, so I will meet you with a rickshaw and take you wherever you want to go.

2. I am going to walk and walk and walk and walk. When I am not pulling friends around in a rickshaw, I am going to be walking. I am sure that in Heaven one can just blink and get where they want to be, but not me I will prefer to walk.

3. I am going to stand! I plan on standing for eternity. When I meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gates and he asks me to sit and wait I will say, "No thanks, sir, I'll just stand." Whenever anyone offers me a seat I will reply, "That's okay, I think I will stand." 

4. I am going to roll down a grassy knoll. I don't know why, I just am. I have always wanted to roll down a grassy knoll. There aren't too many grassy knolls in Phoenix. There are sand dunes and rocky ledges in Phoenix, but not a grassy knoll. I am sure there are very inviting grassy knolls in Heaven just waiting for me to roll down.

5. I am going to swing! I mean physically sit in a swing and swing. When I am on duty on the playground, I always envy the kids on the swings. I want to swing high and jump from the swing, and because I am in Heaven there will only be soft landings. 

6. I am going to have a chat with God. He is going to ask me sit down and I am going to say, "No, that's okay, I think I'll stand." I am NOT going to ask God why. We will just chat like normal people, if that is possible.

7. Last but not least, I am going to look at my butt in a mirror.  I have never looked at my butt in a mirror. When one sits down for a lifetime, there is no looking at your butt.  I want to look at my butt in a mirror and say, "Do these wings make my butt look big?"
People take things for granted. There are things that some do daily that others wish they could do just once.  Walk! Stand! Swing! Roll! 

Paco's Perspective

What's Heaven? Is it like Montana? You're not going without me are you?

The Flip Side

Heavenly Bucket List
1. Catch a lizard!
                                                            2. Explore without hearing, "Flip, get back here!"
3. Catch a lizard!
4. Catch a lizard!
5. Catch a lizard!


  1. Good one, Cathy! Don't expect me to run you around in a rick shaw if I get there first. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself by getting road rage!!!

    This is a seriously good bucket list. I'm pretty sure Heaven will have at least one self-proclaimed comedian to tell you, "No, but your butt makes those wings look big!" I'm sure of it...

  2. Great blog today, my friend! We DO take things for granted. Your heavenly Bucket List has helped me to remember not to do so....We are all blessed here on earth if we choose to look for those blessings! Cheers!

  3. Loved it! - The Favorite Daughter After Rhonda!

  4. You can roll down the grassy knoll in downtown Dallas. There is even a sign that says "grassy knoll"!

  5. Cathy,you're a great inspiration!!While you're here on earth let's put more in our earthly bucket. Let's see.....I know there are more things you need to do before Heaven happens....
    I've barely begun to live!!! My bucket seems to drip alot,then I run and fill it up again.
    I guess I'll just keep running to the source and try not to splash and drip...

  6. Love It!!! Don't forget giving Grandma Colene a great big hug...