Saturday, January 1, 2011


Fate is the universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed. What? Things just happen.  You know: "It was fate that we just happened to be in the right place at the right time." or, "Fate brought us together." I have had many fateful experiences.

When I was thinking about changing schools back in 1998 I applied for a new school in the district. I was appalled when I was turned down. How dare someone not want me on their staff. But two great things happened because of that refusal. First, I decided I needed to change my teaching practices and I started to educate myself. I read everything there was to read about teaching literacy. Still to this day, I consider myself well educated in up-to-date literacy practices. Second, in the summer of 1998 I had my car accident that left me in casts up to my hips. If I had moved schools, I wouldn't have had the support system that I had by staying at Peralta. The staff at Peralta signed up to drive to and from work. My drivers would leave work early on their days to get me home right after the students left so I could go home and rest up for the next day. Fate?

When I did finally change schools, I went to Tomahawk where I participated in a Teacher Advancement Program. I learned so much about best practices in teaching. I am a better teacher because of that program. I know many hated participating in that program because it was so much work, but I believe that Tomahawk is so far ahead of others schools with the new reform because the staff was already skilled in the PLC (Professional Learning Communities) expectations due to the Teacher Advancement Program. Fate?

When I moved to Tomahawk I met Colleen Meyer. She became one of my best friends and my best teacher. I learned so much from Colleen. We made the decision to team teach together. We tried some wonderfully innovative teaching practices. Together we were unstoppable! When she moved out of state I thought I would be lost, but I was led to the position I have now. If Colleen had stayed around, I wouldn't have become an Achievement Specialist. Fate?

Fate led me to Tomahawk to reconnect with Janet. I had gone to school with her brother and she had gone to school with Caren. When I was in need of a caretaker Janet invited me to live with her family. Since that day, my family has been able to breathe a sigh of relief. It is difficult to care for a disabled family member from far away. Janet has committed herself to caring for me for the rest of my life. Whenever she is asked why she chose to make such a commitment she just quietly responds, "You wouldn't understand, it's a God Thing." I am so lucky. I no longer have to worry or wonder what will happen to me and my family no longer has to worry. Fate?

Fate has caused Janet's family and myself to make a move to a different home. It has been a difficult, worrisome, stressful five months. There have been times when I was sure my chest and head were going to explode, but I survived. I can't wait to start our new adventure in our new home. It is going to take some time and work to fix it up. But I already consider it home because home is where your heart is. Fate?

I wonder where fate will lead me next. Actually, I don't believe in fate. I believe in God! I believe God leads one where one needs to be. God kept me at Peralta when I needed the support. God led me to Tomahawk to move me toward a career move. God led me to the Payne family. God has led us to this new home where new adventures will begin. I always worry about the next steps I will take and I know it is silly to worry because I am not in charge. No matter what, I will be walking with God, and I will be okay. 

So the next time you use the word fate, remember it's not fate. It is a much higher power than fate. It's a God Thing!

Paco's Perspective

So you are telling me that God sent Flip to us? Where is this God guy? We need to chat!

The Flip Side

I heard there are rabbits and bigger lizards at the new house. Thank you, God!

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  1. Cathy this is one of your best yet. It helped me to continue to let go and let God. I still need to be reminded, I forget easily.
    I thank God for you. Thank you God for bringing Janet to Cathy Cunningham. God bless and take care of you in every way possible.