Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness

Janet had to run an errand for a sick friend today. I was waiting in the van for her with the window open, and a young, disheveled man stopped at the window and asked for cash. I didn't have any within reach, so I said sorry and looked away. (Don't make eye contact!) I have a random act of kindness sour taste still in my mouth from Christmas.

I was running some last minute errands last Christmas with Janet's daughter, Breann. We were getting gift cards for people at work. When we pulled into the McDonald's parking lot I noticed two homeless people sitting near the drive through area. I took for granted that they were asking for money for food. Breann and I went into McDonald's and bought some gift cards, and I ordered two Big Mac meals to go figuring I would participate in a random act of kindness. I didn't buy the cheap itty bitty hamburger, no, not me! If I am being kind, I am doing it big with Big Mac meals, SUPER-SIZED.

As we headed for the van I rolled toward the homeless. Breann jumped into the van saying, "I'm not going over there. I will wait in the van. I'll call the police, if anything happens."

Now, I am feeling good. It is Christmas, my favorite time of the year because I love GIVING gifts. I pride myself on finding the perfect gift. I relish the giving of gifts. I rolled up to the two homeless people with a big smile on my face and said, "Here you go, I got this for you."

They replied, "No, thank you, we are sick of McDonald's."

"You don't want it?" I inquired.

"No," they replied, nonchalantly.

"You don't know anyone that would want it?" I implored.

"No, we can't eat one more hamburger," they explained.

"But it isn't just a hamburger. It's a Big Mac meal . . . SUPER-SIZED!" I begged.

"No, really, we don't want it," they said looking the other way. (Don't make eye contact!)

I returned to the van stunned, confused, rejected, and baffled. I tossed the bag next to me.

Breann asked, "What's up?"

"They didn't want it," I sighed.

"You could eat it," she said.

"Are you kidding? I hate McDonald's!" I muttered.

We proceeded to drive away and Breann looked at me with a new realization and said, "Wow, Cathy, you were snubbed by the homeless!"

"Yea," I replied forlornly, "so much for random acts of kindness."

By the way, when Janet returned she handed me two dollars change, and as we were driving away I saw the young man that asked me for money. I had Janet stop and I gave him the two dollars.

Paco's Perspective
Excuse me, but you didn't bring the hamburger to me. Talk about the perfect gift. You could have made your little buddy very happy. And you wonder why I don't like you best.

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