Monday, September 7, 2009

My Dog Doesn't Like Me

I never thought I would become a "dog" person. You know, one of those people that worry about and care for their dog more than anything else. I have a long haired chihuahua. His name is Paco. He is my best friend. I talk to him all the time. I don't know what I would do without him. I love Paco, but I don't think he loves me.

Paco loves Alyssa, my friend Janet's daughter. He will follow her anywhere, even to the depths of hell. Alyssa dresses Paco up, wraps him in blankets, yanks on his leash, and locks up in boxes in her room. Paco is put through torture by her and still adores her.

Paco loves Janet. When she is outside, he has to be outside. When she is inside, he has to be inside. He followers her all over the house. The only time he won't get anywhere near her is when she is running the vacuum cleaner or the tile steamer.

When we are in Montana, Paco is crazy for my sister, Caren. He will hike through thistles, run up mountains, and jump in the lake, if Caren tells him.

Paco will hang out with me, if I am the only one around. He sleeps with me, but only because he is afraid to jump off the bed onto the tile floor. I don't think he likes me, I believe he thinks he has a responsibility towards me. He lays just outside my bedroom door and guards me. When he is outside with Janet he has to come in and check on me. Paco wouldn't follow ME to the depths of hell, through thistles, up mountains, or in lakes unless I had treats. But that's okay, I still love him. Paco reminds me of past boyfriends. Treat me like dirt and I will still love you. I never thought I would be co-dependent on a pet.

Paco's Perspective

Alyssa shares her pbj, Fritos and cottage cheese with me. Janet is the alpha. Janet also makes sure that Dave gives me his ice cream bowl. Caren gives me wine and licks of her ice cream cone. Of course I have a responsibility towards you. You are my pet. I made a commitment to you the day I got you. I will care for you until the end. I don't lick the inside of just anybody's ears. Stop your whining!


  1. Ah, Paco...You are a credit to your species :)

  2. I'm sorry.. But yea i don't know what the hell is wrong with dogs.. My little bi-poo likes my brothers and mom more than me. She jumnps on them waits for them at the restroom. but me? nothing. After all i do for the little brat. It makes me sad but a stupid dog aint worth crying over. Maybe i'm bitter idk?
    I kno it could possibly be because i yelled and screamed at her one time for getting in my room for messing up my foxtails, then she had the nerve to bark, growl and bite me, I said oh hell no, i put that girl to the ground. And things have never been the same sense. You kno? I wish i had another dog and show it more favor than the bi-poo, so she can see how it feels.