Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rules of the Road

I travel often with my "sistah", Caren. She is the one that will fly into town and then drive me somewhere else: our older "sistah"'s home in Texas, our aunt and uncle's in Palm Springs, and Montana just to name a few. When in Montana we do a large amount of driving visiting friends and sight-seeing. But when driving somewhere with Caren there are certain rules of the road.

1. Sight-seeing only on specified sight-seeing trips. When traveling with Caren the destination is the most important thing. If the final destination is San Antonio, Texas there will be no sight-seeing on the way to San Antonio. Sight-seeing trips are only one day trips and are done with specific times in mind. At times it is like riding a whirlwind.

2. You can only eat according to the time zone you are in. If you leave Arizona early in the morning, and you arrive in Texas around noon, Arizona time, you may not eat because it is not lunchtime in Texas. It is two o'clock in Texas and it is too late to eat lunch and you have to wait for dinner.

3. Peeing and getting gas must be at the same time. Don't think the driver will stop at a rest stop so peeing is possible. Absolutely not! Cross your legs, stop your liquid intake, and wait until it is time to get gas. You better pray that the car is not fuel efficient. If she stops for gas, and you don't have to go, do it anyway. This may be your only chance.

4. Driver's choice. It is driver's choice for everything. The driver chooses the route. The driver chooses the music. The driver chooses stops. The driver chooses where eating will take place, if eating does take place. The driver chooses what games will be played and when they will be played. The driver chooses the time of departure. The driver chooses the time to stop for the evening and where to stop.

5. When passing a car on a two lane country road everyone must lean forward. This is my favorite rule. Apparently, leaning forward when passing makes the car go faster. I always wonder what the people we pass are thinking when they see us drive by and everyone in the car is leaning forward and giggling.

The funny thing is when I was the driver there were the same rules but they were the passenger's rules. So I think the rules are Caren's Rules of the Road. I can't wait for our next road trip!

Paco's Perspective

Auntie Caren's owner, Osa, is perfect for her because she doesn't eat, drink, or pee during travel time.

The Flip Side

I do not like traveling. I like the destinations. I just don't like the getting there.


  1. That is hilarious and probably the absolute truth! I LOVE the "leaning forward" to make it seem as though you go faster!!!!!!!
    Happy Trails to you both on your road trips!

  2. Miss C, it is still hard for me to call you Cathy. I read this out load to the kids and we were all cracking up. I will remember these rules tomorrow when we get on the road again....

  3. Hahahaha! At first I thought those were 'sistah' rules, but you're RIGHT! they are driver rules and my hubby ALWAYS does the driving! These are HIS rules also, but I never thought about them til now! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Cathy, I think we need to take a trip soon. We'll strap Caren into the passenger seat. I'll drive, select the music, the departure time, sight-seeing stops, etc. We'll eat at all the "wrong" times and to use the wash room even if we don't need gas, or just to stretch our legs. It will be like a travel intervention!