Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Have Two Men In My Life

I consider myself lucky because I have two men in my life. They are complete opposites. Maybe that is why I am drawn to both of them. If I was forced to make a choice between the two of them, it would be impossible.

One is overprotective of me. He has to keep an eye on me wherever I am. He insists on being in the same room with me at all times. Sometimes he follows me to the bathroom. The other doesn't care where I am unless he needs or wants something. He knows where I am when he wants dinner.

One is very loud. He is constantly giving his opinion to others, even when they don't ask for it. He is not polite when giving his opinion. He is boisterous and overbearing. The other is quiet and seldom has much to say. Some mistake his silence for a lack of understanding or knowledge. I think he chooses not to speak unless it is important.

They both love their toys. One is happy to share with anyone even perfect strangers. The other wants no one touching his stuff. He will stay home just to make sure no one gets near his stuff.

One is a homebody. He never strays too far from home (because he insists on keeping an eye on me). When he leaves he only does what needs to be done and does it quickly, so he can promptly return home. The other is a wanderer. He leaves and comes back on his own time. I worry about him, and he doesn't care. He comes home when he is good and ready.

One is overweight. He insists he is stocky. It could be the nightly bowls of chocolate ice cream that contribute to his "stockiness". The other is trim, somewhat on the skinny side. He could stand to gain a few pounds.

One shares my bed. The other shares nothing.

I can't make a choice between the two of them. They both have their faults and their honorable qualities.They both pee in the shower. I considered them both to be very attractive. I even think the "stocky" one's waddle is cute. I love them equally. I worry about them equally. I call them "the boys". Their names are Paco and Flip. They are my best friends. They have to be. I am their pet, at least, that is what they think.

I never thought I would become a "dog person", and now look at me. I am a TWO DOG person. The three of us take walks together, we travel together, we watch T.V. together. We sit home alone together. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we're going to do it, together.

Paco's Perspective

Who you calling overweight? Let me repeat myself . . . STOCKY! And to everyone else, I AM the nice one.

The Flip Side

Are you sure you only have two dogs? What about that dog you call Reflection? I hope he doesn't live with us permanently because I don't like him. And what's this comment about not sharing?Align Center

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