Sunday, October 19, 2014

Paco's Perspective and the Flip Side

Cathy is on Fall Break, so Paco and Flip decided to do the blog and share what happened to them this morning.

Paco’s Perspective

So I am outside enjoying the beautiful “fall’ weather just quietly minding my own business, okay, I wasn’t being quiet and I wasn’t minding my own business. I was barking at every thing, and person that happened to go by. Well, there I am guarding my property when all of a sudden I see a huge hulking figure dropping from the sky coming straight for me! There’s a loud squawk and I look up to see a hawk with his talons aimed at my furry little neck. I can’t get my little legs to move my stocky, not fat, stocky self out of the way.

I’m thinking I’m doomed and out of nowhere Flip arrives flying through the air like a super hero snapping, snarling and growling. The hawk loses his focus (which was on me) and flies over to the top of the horse stalls and perches just staring at me. Flip places himself between the hawk and me and lets the hawk know he is not getting anywhere near me.

The red-headed stepchild, Flip, saved my life. Flip, who sticks his nose up at me like a rich lady at a pair of Target shoes. Flip, who has no compassion for me  or anyone saved my life. I guess the next time he shoves me out of the way and steals my food I won’t get so upset.

So, I have to take a nap and process all this “Flip actually saved my life” stuff. I just hope I don’t have dreams of giant, hulking hawks.

Thanks, Flip, my brother from another mother!

The Flip Side

So there I am in MY backyard watching MY lizards playing outside of MY fence just out of reach thinking of how I can lure the lizards to MY side of MY fence when I get tired of thinking and decide to go inside MY house and take a nap in MY bed. As I am ambling toward MY personal-sized doggie door, out of the corner of my eye I see a huge hawk coming towards MY bunny-free, bird-free, velvety soft, green lawn. I’m wondering what is this dude is thinking attempting to land on MY lawn, so I instinctively take action.

I leap toward that huge hulking figure trying to get to him before he touches down. As I am flying through the air ready to grab a chunk of feathers with my incredibly strong teeth, I see Sir Barks Alot in MY path! That little nuisance! As I try to avoid his sqatty body, I just miss the hawk. But I scare him enough that he doesn’t land on MY velvety-soft, green lawn and perches on top of the horse stalls. Well, I very aggressively let that hawk know he is not welcome on MY lawn at MY house.

Whew! That was a lot of exercise so early in the morning! So, I head toward MY house for a nap in MY bed, and Sir Barks Alot keeps thanking me for saving his life. I hate to tell the little nuisance that I was just guarding MY stuff, but I think I’ll let him think I saved his life because every dog can use a little hero worship now and then! 

Authors Flip and Paco live in Waddell, Arizona on a small two acre ranch. Flip enjoys keeping his lawn free of 
bunnies, birds, and lizards. Paco spends most of his free time twirling, barking and licking grout. They both love Chef Michael's dog food, any kind of treats, and golf cart rides through the neighborhood.

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