Sunday, January 8, 2012

Please Pass the Remote, No Not That One, No Not That One Either

Remember when one had to get out of their seat to change the channel. I am old enough to remember having to turn a dial and, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough strength in my hands to turn the dial, so I was stuck with watching the same channel. Those were the days of NO channel surfing. The one that was willing to get out of their seat was in charge not the one with the remote.

For this crippled kid remotes were a God Send. I can’t reach light switches, TV knobs, fan pulls, doorknobs, etc. There have been times when I have only had the light from the TV because I forgot to ask someone to turn on the light before leaving for the evening. Remotes help me be more independent and less of a burden. I hate having to ask someone to turn on the light or turn off the fan or open the door.

I got three new remotes for Christmas. With an abundance of remotes come an abundance of new problems. Making sure they are somewhere that I can reach them. Making sure I don’t misplace them. Making sure I have the right remote for the right object.

I have a remote for both TVs, both fans, both fan lights, the fireplace, the bed, the bed warmer, the DVD player, the garage doors, the alarm system, the “help I’ve fallen and I can’t up” panic button, the dogs’ collars, and the bidet toilet seat. If one wanted to terrorize me, all one would have to do is figure out a way to mess with my remote airwaves or steal all my batteries. It would be quite comical if I turned on the fan, and the bidet shot water all over the bathroom.

Paco’s Perspective

I wish I had a remote for the dog food and treats.

The Flip Side
I wish I had a remote for yard gates. I could get to the lizards quicker.

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  1. The image alone of the wrong remote sent me into hysterics.