Friday, February 25, 2011

Excuse Me, Would You Get Out of My Light?

I have had a near death experience in the past. While I was in surgery, after my car accident, I saw "the light". It was quite interesting. In my experience I was walking down my school's hallway and all the classroom doors were open and the light from the classrooms were glowing into the hallway. I could hear the voices of friends and family that had passed talking, but not directly to me. Suddenly, I heard the surgeon shout, " Cathy, you have to stay here with me!" The rule follower in me listened to the surgeon and pulled through. I have also had many lack of oxygen moments that I call "seeing angels". When I don't get enough oxygen I start to see "angel wings" fluttering around my head. Since, I get pneumonia once a year when I start "seeing the angels" I know it is time to go to the emergency room.

The other day, I "saw the angels" again. The "sistahs" are in town and I was talking to Chris and taking some pills that I take everyday at the same time. As I was swallowing two pills, Chris shouted, "Hey!" I jumped, suck in the pills, and one got stuck in my throat. I was okay, I was talking about it and drinking to try to get it down. I was sure it was the little pill and it would dissolve soon. Breann came and tried some Heimlich moves she had learned in a CPR class. They didn't work, but I was still talking. Then it happened, I stopped talking. The universal sign for choking is putting one's hands at one's throat. I can't reach my hands to my throat! I am panicking and starting to "see angels". Chris is panicking. Janet is panicking. Breann calmly continues to work on me, bending me over and slapping my back. I swear her pulse didn't raise a beat. The pill came up. It was the huge one. As Breann calmly walked out of my room at the same speed she walked in, she asked,"So, Cathy, what did you think about right before you die?"

"I was thinking, excuse me, Breeze, but could you get out of the way of my bright light?"

Paco's Perspective

I twirled

The Flip Side

I hid in my bed, but I jumped on your laugh and gave you a big kiss afterward.


  1. Wow...Scary! I'm glad you're okay!

    Janet did a great job raising that girl :)

  2. Thank God for the angel with all the moves. Whew! We missed you Friday.