Monday, July 26, 2010

I Cried Because Captain Phil Died

I am a big bawl baby. My daddy always said if you looked at me cross-eyed I would cry. I cry when I am sad. I cry when I am happy. I cry when I laugh too hard. If I see someone crying, I will cry. I could enter a funeral of a complete stranger, and if I see someone crying I will cry also. My movie rating system is based on how many Kleenexes I use while watching the movie. So, why was I surprised that I cried when Captain Phil died?

There are an abundance of reality shows on TV: Ice Truckers, The Real Housewives, Helicopter Loggers, Dog Town, Alaska State Troopers, The Bounty Hunter, Intervention, I Survived, and The Last American Cowboy just to name a few.  The Deadliest Catch is just one more of those reality shows that follow common ordinary folks around twenty-four, seven. It follows a group of king crab fishing boats in the Alaskan waters. Captain Phil was the captain of the Cornelia Marie. 

The Deadliest Catch is not a show I watch or even TiVo, really, it isn't. Yesterday, there was a Deadliest Catch marathon. I have always wondered who could possible have the time or patience to watch a marathon. I "accidentally" came across the marathon while I was surfing for something to "listen" to while I did some work at home. For all intent and purposes, I was planning to only listen, and then I caught myself frequently turning my head to see what was going on. Finally, I ended up planting my butt directly in front of the TV, and intently watching The Deadliest Catch marathon. I became one of those people I always wondered about.

I have always had a secret passion for two types of men. I am mad for "MacGyvers" and "bad boys". I always felt that MacGyver could fall in love with an overweight crippled kid and he would be an asset to have a round. MacGyver could build anything with three pipe cleaners and a Swiss Army knife. I have a secret desire for bad boys because I would never do anything bad. I was and still am a "goody two shoes". Bad boys send shivers down my spine. A MacGyver/Bad Boy sends shivers down my spine and makes my toes tingle. Captain Phil was a very bad boy with a heaping spoonful of MacGyver, and I think he had a dash of pirate (#3 on my secret passions list).

Captain Phil was a gravelly voiced, chain smoking, caffeine drinking, F word using, badferya food eating, face making, money spending, fortune hunting,  whiskey drinking scoundrel. Captain Phil was a family man that loved his boys. Captain Phil would take a bullet for a friend. Captain Phil admired honorable, hard-working men. Honorable, hard-working men, in return, admired Captain Phil.

Captain Phil had a debilitating stroke. After brain surgery and a sixty-five day hospital stay, Captain Phil lost his valiant fight and died. Before Captain Phil died the Alaskan waters were rumbling and his fellow captains were struggling to steer their ships through tumultuous seas. The moment Captain Phil died, the seas became calm, the sun shone, and I cried.

Last night I couldn't sleep (nothing new) and I was up at 2:18 am. I was scanning my TiVo list and I found A Tribute to Captain Phil (I had to stop watching the marathon at some point.). At 3:10 am as I watched the Deadliest Catch cameramen cry when they were informed of Captain Phil's death I cried again, and I deleted the next episode of the Deadliest Catch.

Paco's Perspective

I don't know who Captain Phil was but do you know when you cry your tears drip all over me? 

The Flip Side

Do you think I will ever catch those lizards out in the yard that I watch all day through the window? Who's crying and why?


  1. You have the right on this one, Sister. I have the crying problem, too. Don't tell anyone, but I actually sat there and cried at a minor league ball park when two people who met there were getting married on the field before the game. I didn't know either one of them. That is the definition of pathetic and only God knows what else.

  2. I am a big sap too. But I think it's a wonderful thing to be a person so full of feeling that it just can't be contained. Be proud :)

  3. Boy! Tis one rang SO true with me....My emotions have ALWAYS been right in full view, on my sleeve! (and you KNOW this to be true!) i feel everyone's happiness and sadness....Even when little babies are hoisted over the alter by our pastor after their baptisms...I'm crying through my tears as I lead the singing! I have determined that it's genetic! When my family sat around watching movies at home, no one wanted to let the others know their were crying, but we'd take turns saying, "What's the matter Dad?" What's the matter, Mom?"....The pat answer from each of us was "NUTHIN!" the tears were wiped away! So there was no hope for me....Check your family tree!!!!