Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Games People OOPS! I Mean Dogs Play

Osa is a beautiful, well-trained Akita mix female dog that is owned by my sister, Caren. Osa was a stray. As a matter of fact, she was found under my van at my home in Buckeye. People have a tendency to dump dogs out by my house quite often. My home is somewhat in the boondocks, I guess that is where people like to dump dogs. Osa didn't get along with the alpha female dog in the backyard so I had to find her a home. I knew Caren was looking for a dog for her husband, so I gave her a call. Osa now lives with Caren and her husband, Darrell, in Park City, Utah which is a much better place for her because she is a huge, hairy dog that loves snow, hiking, snowshoeing, exploring the wilderness, Caren, and Darrell. Osa also spends the summers in Montana with Caren, myself and my two dogs, Paco and Flip.

Osa has some favorite games that she loves to play. Her favorite games are: Go, Osa,  Go!, Chase Me, and Fetch. She and Caren have made up the rules for the games, except for Fetch, they have also made up the games. Osa is ready and willing to play these games at any time.

Go, Osa, Go is played in the yard. Caren whistles and yells, "Go, Osa, go!" Osa proceeds to run around the yard with abandon. Paco has experienced this game with Osa for many summers, and he has learned to stay out of the way. When Caren and Osa start playing Go, Osa, Go Paco runs to the topmost part of the deck as far away from the action as possible. This is Flip's first summer in Montana and he hasn't experienced this game, so he tries to join in. As Osa runs by Flip she slaps him with her paw and rolls him like a burrito. He tumbles across the lawn until he runs into a tree or a rock, and gets up dazed and confused. Flip then proceeds to stagger his way back into the game. Apparently, Flip enjoys tumbling like a dryer.

Chase is a game that Osa plays with Paco and Flip in the house. Osa grabs one of their toys and runs up the stairs into the kitchen and then down the stairs into the living room in hopes that Paco and Flip will chase her, and they do somewhat. Paco chases until he gets excited and then he starts "humping" Osa. Paco is a neutered male and I was told, "He won't hump or lift his leg once he is neutered." Wrong! Instinct is instinct, so if you are thinking of neutering your husband, don't! It won't change anything! Osa runs, Paco humps. He humps her leg, he humps her tail, he humps her head, and she flicks him off as if he were a Flea. Flip is also a neutered male, and he has not exhibited any humping prowess until the Chase game. Osa runs, Paco humps, Flip wrestles with Osa and ends up on her head and guess what? Yes, you are correct. In Montana, every day is hump day.

Osa's final favorite game is Fetch. You know Fetch, get a stick, throw it, dog gets it and brings it back. Oh, no, not Osa! Osa has made her own rules. Caren gets a stick and throws it, Osa gets it and . . . . eats it. It doesn't matter how large or how small the stick is, Osa will eat it. Paco and Flip, otherwise known as, Monkey See and Monkey Do have decided if stick eating is okay for their buddy Osa, then it is okay for them, too. Paco and Flip have not contained their eating of the forest to only sticks. They eat sticks, pine cone seedlings, pine cones pine needles, and grass. I am just waiting for all three of them to . . . shit a tree!

Paco's Perspective

Oh, Man, Chase Osa in the house is my favorite game. It's my favorite game! It's my favorite game! It's my favorite game. I don't know why. I don't know why. I don't know why. It just is.

The Flip Side

Would someone please explain the rules to me? All I know is I end up walking funny after every game.


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