Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Patience of Job

I have two dogs. One is a maltese and terrier which makes him a Mallmutt. The Mallmutt was dumped near our home. He was brought home in hopes of finding his owner and if not, then he would be taken to the Humane Society. But, everyone in the family fell in love with Filp, the Mallmut,t and he is now a much loved member of the family. My other dog is a chihuahua and his name is Paco. Paco is not a normal yippy-yappy snarling chihuahua. From day one I made sure that he was socialized. If anyone asked to hold him, it was allowed. He was raised with a five year old girl that carried him around everywhere she went. He has played surgery, beauty parlor, house, school and prison with the five year old. I have found him wrapped in blankets in a stroller and even stuffed inside a box. Paco has the patience of Job.

Paco is now three years old and I get worried that someday he will lose his patience. When Flip showed up Paco had to share his toys, bed, food, and loving. Because Flip is a stray he is a bit food, toy and bed aggressive, and Patient Paco just goes with the flow.

This past week a dear friend, Rhonda, and her granddaughter, Lexi, came to visit. Lexi latched onto Paco like a leech to skin. She carried him everywhere. Lexi would pick Paco up under his front legs and tote him around, and Paco would just look at me as if to say, "Hey, I thought we were done with five year olds!" Lexi would fling him on the bed and jump on the bed with him. She would lay on top of him. She would hold him up in the air. She would fling him off the bed. For the entire visit a moment didn't go by that Paco wasn't being kid-handled, and he NEVER growled or snapped at her. Lexi was twenty pounds of energy in a five pound bag!

Lexi said, "Caffy (that's me), Paco is my new BFF."

"Really? You like him that much!" I replied.

"Yes, I love Paco. Paco is the best chickachickahuahua in the world," giggled Lexi.

Lexi is right. I was never a dog person, and I never thought I would become one, but I have. Paco is, also, my BFF. He is always happy to see me. He is so happy to see me he twirls when I come into a room.(Actually, he twirls when anyone comes into a room.) Paco follows me wherever I go. He guards me continuously. Paco knows when he is needed. Paco is the best chickachickahuahua in the world!

Paco's Perspective

Yikes! That giggling Lexi was a handful. I haven't seen her today. Did she go home? Please tell me she went home!

The Flip Side

Hey, what about me? I am good dog! I am a good dog! I am a good dog! Paco isn't as patient as you think.

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